I’m so special!!

I’ve received so many wonderful announcements in my email so far this week, I just had to share them with the world (or at least my one reader).

  • Congratulations! You’ve been selected to receive 250 Free Business Cards.
    Guess I could get some saying “I’m Retired. I Got no Business!”
  • Congratulations you have been chosen to receive a
    case of Monster Energy Drink for FREE!
    Now more energy would be a good thing, but certain people might say I’m already enough of a monster.
  • We’re giving you a FREE Palm Centro Smartphone! This is a $350 value that we’re GIVING to you for no cost!
    Oh yeah, I really believe that.
  • You have been chosen to receive a FREE Emeril Cookware Set!
    Like I ever cook anything!!
  • Your new Macbook Air Laptop is completely complimentary and is yours for no COST! We are giving you this Macbook Air for NO COST!
    I hope Mac and Delly PC will be good buddies.
  • Hollywood Casting Call Job Offer
    I’m ready for my closeup now.

    And, these are just the ones that weren’t caught by the Spam filter.


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