Time Change

Well, it’s time to SPRING FORWARD again. At this house, that just means resetting the time on a few inanimate objects.

But….you wouldn’t believe what a big deal this used to be for the older members of our family. They dreaded it, complained about it, didn’t accept it, only paid attention to it when forced to with regard to appointments and TV schedule.

A conversation before, during and after the spring and fall time changes between Mom (my mother) and Granny (my MIL) always included:

“I wish they’d quit changing the time.”

“Well, I’m not going to change my clock. I’ll just go by “Old” time.”

“I’m only going to change one clock.”

“It’s 4:00 now – that would be 3:00 “Old” time.”

“It’s at 7:00? Do you mean “Old” time or “New” time?”

“I don’t know why they have to mess with the time.”

“Well, I’m glad they changed back to “Old” time.”

Granny is the only one who is still with us, but time and other things don’t affect her now. She’ll be 97 years old in April.

Granny may not know what time it is now, but she still has a smile and tells everyone exactly what she wants them to do. Go Granny!


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