Easter Memories

When I was a kid, our country church always had an Easter program, “dinner on the ground” and an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

I can’t tell you how many people attended our church, but at the time, it seemed like a large number to me. Many of the kids in our school who normally didn’t attend our church took part in the Easter program so the crowd was much larger on that Sunday.

My brother and I always had a new outfit for Easter Sunday. My Mom always made all of our clothes, everything except the guys’ jeans. She was a very accomplished seamstress. Our clothes never looked homemade. I can’t say if my parents had new Easter clothes; probably depended on how much money we had at that particular time.

There was always a ton of food – good old farm grown, home cooked dishes, shared by all on tables outside the church.

Then, the egg hunt: The men hid the eggs in a wooded area a short distance up the road. All of us, in our Easter Sunday best, would go into the woods looking for those eggs.

Our community was full of people barely getting by financially, but rich in spirit, sharing and caring for each other – especially on Easter Sunday, as we celebrated Christ’s resurrection.


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