My Newest Pet Peeve

I have been blessed with a deluge of mail from companies I never heard of that say in different ways:

You’re OLD – sign up before your 65th birthday in a few months for our insurance coverage to supplement your Medicare. We’re the best company – you’ll love sending us your money – choose us, please, please, please!!

I don’t mind reading on the outside and inside of the envelopes that I’m old [now every postal worker knows my age], but I can’t keep from being a little perturbed that so many organizations have been informed of my age and birthdate. Who did that? That’s personal information.

Does the Social Security Administration sell this information to insurance companies? Did a credit card company, bank or some other company I’ve been involved with sell this information?

Since I am the type of person who is not greatly influenced by junk mail, it’s easy to shred the mail and be done with it. BUT it still irritates me that personal information is passed around.


2 thoughts on “My Newest Pet Peeve

  1. Social Security isn’t selling your info, but your info is on many lists – exactly how they are asssembled I don’t know. Go to and you’ll see how easy it is to get lists of people based on age, zip codes, income,etc. Big brother is out there and your name (and mine) is on their list. Having said this, if you are on the “Do Not Call” list, you will only be bothered by the junk mail but not phone calls. If someone does call you trying to sell Medicare-related insurance (or anything else), you should get their name and number and then tell them you’re going to report them (though I’m not sure to whom you report). Anyone selling Medicare-related products or services is not supposed to call you – so there’s some good news for you.

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