Assured Delivery Nonsense [Lord, Have Mercy!]

Yesterday while contemplating placing an online order for a pair of shoes, out of curiosity, I clicked on a link for an extra charge called “Assured Delivery.” This is what came up – except name of company has been replaced:

What is Assured Delivery? x-corporation’s assured delivery service provides guaranteed replacement if the items you order are lost or damaged during shipment. If your order has not been received within 15 business days from the time it is shipped from our Memphis, Tennessee distribution center, upon notification by you via either e-mail ( or by calling our Customer Care Center at (800) 000-0000, we will process a replacement order for the affected items immediately.

Now, I’ve been accused before of being naive and a little unsophisticated in the ways of the world [I’ve also been accused of being too direct, being tough and a few other things during the 40+ years of employment, but anyway…], when you make an agreement with a company…..

[Agreement = I send the company the money they specified for an advertised product and the exaggerated delivery charges tacked on to the price, the company agrees to see that the product reaches me.]

isn’t it the company’s responsibility to see that the product is delivered to me and take care of any problems with the delivery company [that the company chose] if the product does not reach me. Without charging extra for the service.

Lord, Have Mercy!


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