Do a Good Deed Today


Help prevent children from dying from malaria – give just $10.00 to Compassion for the purchase of a mosquito net. The following is from their website:

Help the BITE BACK campaign to provide 300,000 insecticide-treated bed nets to children enrolled in Compassion’s programs.

Children are hit the hardest by malaria — a disease that can keep them from school several weeks a year and weaken their bodies in the process. If untreated, malaria can spread to the brain and quickly kill a child. Right now, malaria kills 3,000 children a day, and nearly every child in sub-Saharan Africa will contract malaria once this year.

Biting back is easy. Just $10 will purchase one insecticide-treated bed net and distribute it to someone who needs it and teach that person how to use it

You can save a life!

Go Here to Contribute: Compassion International

Read about the experiences of a group of bloggers who traveled to Uganda as observers with this organization: Bloggers in Uganda

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