Gotta get a new doctor….

When I left the doctor’s office last month (after being there the month before when my B-P was way too high), I was supposed to make another appointment for six months later. Since my knees respond with a nasty surge of pain if I stand very long, I left with the intention of calling when I got home to make the appointment.

So, today I called. The appointment girl said “he won’t be here then.” That’s all she said, didn’t offer an explanation or another doctor. I had to ask “Are you saying he won’t be there that whole month?” Finally, she said “He’s leaving the clinic at the end of June.” Still, no offer to make an appointment with another doctor.

Anyhow, I’m getting a little concerned: Because he is the 2nd doctor who’s been treating me that has left this clinic in the past 3 years. Is it me, ya think?

Maybe it’s because I’m going on Medicare in a few months and he can’t bear the thought of treating another “old” lady. Heck, he didn’t even have to look at my old body unless he chose to. I was perfectly happy to stay completely dressed in there.

Sometime between now and June 30, they’ll probably be notifying his patients that he’s leaving. Maybe he’s going to open a clinic that specializes in “old people.” Whadda ya think the odds are?


3 thoughts on “Gotta get a new doctor….

  1. Just wanted to thank you for submitting your blog to Blogging Women. Your doing a wonderful job and I consider it an honor to have your blog listed on Blogging Women with the many fine other blogs done by us women. Continued success!!

  2. Hey, I’m a Doc who plays in a semiprofessional bluegrass band. I say from the stage all kinda women are chasing me- they all want to know if I’m taking new Medicare patients.

    I wrote a post about staying up all night looking after one of my eighty year old folks. In it I said my wife lets me stay out all night with all the women I want to as long as they are at leat 80. Now that I’m getting closer to that age, she’s increased the age limit, though.

    Seriously, I’ve got a bunch of elderly women in my practice and I love every one of ’em. They are great cooks, much fun, and always appreciative.

    Come visit my blog- the world’s first physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog.

    Dr. Tom Bibey

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