Mother’s Day – For Me

Today was a very quiet, uneventful day at my house since my Favorite Daughter came yesterday – brought my groceries, MD presents, chocolates, and big chocolate cookie, then took me out to eat at Olive Garden.

We had a great meal. I had been wanting to go there after watching all the commercials advertising their stuffed rigatoni – but after looking over the menu, I remembered how good Chicken Marsala is and had to debate between the two until time to order. Chicken Marsala won and it was so good! I brought half of it home and ate it last night. That chicken had to be on steroids to have a breast that big.

My Favorite Daughter knows me well – there’s nothing that takes the pleasure out of going out to eat for me like ending up on a long, long waiting list – then feeling like you have to eat in a hurry ’cause you see all those other hungry people waiting now that you’ve finally gotten a table. Plus, my “old” knees object strenuously to standing around waiting anyway.

We still had about a 10 minute wait yesterday even though we went around 1:30 pm. Guess a few other people are allergic to waiting in line on a Mother’s Day Sunday, too.

So the most exciting thing that’s happened around here today is that I’ve come close to overdosing on chocolates. All in all, a glorious weekend in spite of last night’s storms.


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