This and That

Recent happenings around here:

The look on my few-years-over-21 year old daughter’s face when she orders a “drink” with her lunch and gets carded while her mother sits across the table snickering (and laughing out loud) as daughter gets out her ID to show the waitress who is probably younger than she is, but doesn’t look younger. The waitress looked a bit confused by the laughter – my daughter just smirked at me.

What are you wearing? The question my daughter asked as I started to get out of the car at the restaurant. This is what she saw:

At least they’re not mango colored like Mario Batali’s and I wasn’t wearing socks! Mine are Mary Janes ’cause I have narrow heels and my shoes fall off without a strap or something to hold them on. They do make my legs hurt less, so that’s more important than looks.

No storms the past couple of evenings as the experts had predicted – just more rain. Yes!! Oh – I guess that would be considered a non-happening, right? Although the rain has made my body achy and tired the past couple of days, it was nice NOT to hear the rumbling and see the lightning flashes and our county highlighted on the TV’s tornado map.

Well, that’s it for now. What’s been happening in your world?


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