For a good time….

Nothing exciting going on around here. My SIL and I went yesterday to buy wreaths and flowers for Decoration.

Some places observe Memorial Day. Here, we observe Memorial Day as a holiday from work. Then we have a Decoration Day [usually on Sunday] at each of the area cemeteries to place flowers on your loved ones’ graves.

Most of the Decorations are held during the months of May and June on a specific day; e.g, mine is the 1st Sunday in June, always has been. In earlier days, each community had its own cemetery when travel was limited.

Anyway, we set out on this task. Picture two very, very pleasingly plump gray-haired ladies [?] making their way thru a warehouse-size store all the way to the back corner, of course – one crippling along with a cane, the other just crippling in pain and possessing a big, wide stubborn streak about using a cane or any help at all – that would be us.

So we finally accomplished our goal and, as exciting as all this has been, I’m sure you’re wondering about my post title.

Here’s the point of it all:

One thought on “For a good time….

  1. I’m sorry this all coincided with election week for me. Otherwise, I would have taken the day off to help. Them’s the breaks for those of us who work at newspapers though I guess.

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