I’m smiling….

I always tried to be patient and good-natured with my co-workers – a conscious decision that I made some years ago when I realized that getting upset and angry as I did was very unhealthy for me. This decision was made for my own well-being.  Besides, I always lost any arguments I had while I was angry. My husband taught me that lesson.

Still, if I disagreed with someone, I wasn’t afraid to say so – just in a calmer way. If there was a point to be made, I sometimes waited for the right time to make it – and such an opportunity would almost always present itself.

When I was growing up, my mother interpreted any attempt at explanation as “talking back” and spankings were allowed back then in the “olden days.” So, thanks to her Grandma, my daughter was allowed to say whatever she wanted to me, as long as she said it calmly, didn’t scream and yell in my face. It might not change anything – she still might get punished, might not get to do whatever she was wanting to, but I would listen as long as she spoke in a respectful manner.

Anyway, I had managed to stay so even-keeled at work that if I raised my voice a decibel, my co-workers thought I was very upset. This amused my daughter greatly ’cause she had seen me when I really was upset. She thought it was especially funny when I would smile sweetly and tell one of them “You’re on my list now” over something they’d said or done. She used to laugh and tell them they really didn’t know the real me.

So, if you’ve managed to read this far, you’ll understand why this button seemed very appropriate for me:


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