The Way I do Things Now….

I can’t believe what a procrastinator and slacker I’ve become after so many years of feeling efficient and being told I was very efficient at my job.

I don’t get out every day anymore, so my gasoline consumption is way down. Which is a good thing! But tomorrow we’re going out in the boonies to decorate graves at the cemetery and I always like to have a full tank of gas when we head out to the boonies.

So….early this week, I noticed that my neighborhood station had gas for $3.59 a gallon. Yesterday, I drove by and it was $3.79. So today I finally stopped and filled up my tank – at $3.89 a gallon.

I can’t believe I paid 30 cents a gallon more, just because I’m a procrastinator. I drove by a Walmart where it was still $3.79, but the cars were everywhere waiting to get to the pumps. I had the time, but not the patience to wait around, so I just came back to the one close to home and bit the bullet!!

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