Tired Tuesday….

We drove over to the boonies yesterday and placed flowers on my husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law’s graves. Sure is different now than it was a few years ago. Then, there would always be a group of other people there and lots of visiting going on. Yesterday, it was just the two of us, no cars going by, no other people around. And many of the graves were undecorated.

The grass and trees are so green and beautiful right now. Of course, I didn’t take pictures though.

Just as we were getting back into my vehicle to leave, rain started hitting the windshield. More rain came thru last night and early this morning.

So, even though I slept pretty well last night, I’m feeling tired and achy (and grouchy, could you guess?) this morning and my head hurts. At this moment in time, I hate the rain!

Some holiday campers on White River got a surprise this weekend and had to be “rescued” after the heavy rains came.

I’m out of caffeine so after the Fedex guy woke me this morning ringing my doorbell, I went to Hardee’s to get some caffeine and breakfast. Let me just say that the taste of Diet Coke in no way compares to Diet Dr. Pepper. Should have gone to Sonic. And that’s my final answer!


2 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday….

  1. Interesting that we seem a bit alike. I just retired and am having a bit of the “what do I do with myself now” speech after being such a work-a-holic for so many years. I can completely identify with the aches and pains of the arthritis thing and the mood swings with for me cold weather. I enjoyed this one about the loved ones as I put flowers out for on Memorial day. Seems this has become less important to so many these days. I have to drive several miles to do this. I found your blog from a comment you had left on Patsy Clairmont’s site. I have had her book God Uses Cracked Pots and went to look her up on the web today. I don’t know anything about blogging, but I have enjoyed your comments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to be retired, but it would have been more fun with a younger body. Be sure to visit again. Sounds like we do have a lot in common.

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