Sunny Day…

It’s a beautiful, sunny day. No rain in a couple of days – who could complain!

Even though I slept very little last night, I feel better today about a nagging question that’s been on my mind for a month or so. Hear this: I didn’t run off my Doctor by getting up to Medicare age – that dude is actually leaving the clinic for a “Senior Care Clinic.” Wow, what a relief! Now I can just enjoy my impending new status without the guilt.

All I have to do now is decide which insurance plan I want to purchase to supplement my Medicare. My mailbox has been full of offers recently from people/companies who “wanted me” because of my impending age – it was a bit overwhelming. So I did the only logical thing: I made a stack starting with the Medicare packet and added to it those packets received from recognizable company names. Other than adding to it occasionally, I’m ignoring it until June 1 at which time I will go thru and try to figure out exactly what I need to sign up for.

Lesson of the Day: When feeling overwhelmed, make a plan and a date/deadline to activate said plan, and relax until said date/deadline.

The End.

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