Things we take for granted….

In the past few months, our electricity has gone off several times – sometimes for several hours at a time. I was reminded how we take so many of the things in our lives for granted.

A flashlight doesn’t provide much light. My cordless phone doesn’t work to report the outage to the electric company. Fortunately (or not), I still have an older phone on the wall in the kitchen which doesn’t require electric power.

I’m old enough to remember living without electricity. My parents left their home state to find work and saved enough money to buy a farm when they returned. At the time, electricity was not a choice because no electric lines had been run to that rural area.

We used kerosene lamps, carried from room to room, for light. I’m not sure how we made it without a refrigerator, but there was a branch running beside our house, so I suspect milk and food were probably kept in the cool water. Canning the food from our garden preserved it until needed. We also had canned sausage, soups, fruits, jellies, jams, relishes, etc. I remember my Dad had cured hams in the smoke house.

I believe I was about 6 years old when the electric lines were extended thru our rural area. Then we had lights, a refrigerator. What I remember most vividly though was the electric radio. I loved listening to the radio – especially the music. It would play forever without wearing out since it had electric power which was never ending, so I thought. The radio would get so hot that my Mom would make me turn it off for awhile.

Especially now that I’m retired, I’m grateful for the conveniences of today. But I’m also grateful for my experience of growing up without everything at my fingertips. Since I’ve known both sides of the coin, I appreciate what I have now even more.

So, what do you take for granted? And what are you grateful for today?


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