Visiting Granny…

Granny’s quarterly review at the nursing home was yesterday. She has lost a lot of weight in the past year. At her last review, we discussed how to get her to eat more.

With her bad eyesight, she doesn’t have the visual reminders that most of us have. She doesn’t see the food and remember how much she likes it. Apparently her taste buds are not functioning very well and she turns up her nose at a lot of foods she used to really enjoy. They tell us this is common in the elderly.

She still loves her sweets. The nurse said this is common for the elderly, although Granny has always been fond of her desserts. The nurse said sometimes they even put a little sugar on top of residents’ regular food just to get them to eat.

They said she still lets them know what she does and doesn’t want. And she sings along with the music in their group sessions. Go, Granny!

I stopped by her room for a visit. She gave a lively response when I said “Hi” and told her who I was (since she can’t see well enough to recognize me). After a few words from me, she closed her eyes, turned her face to the wall and went to sleep.

I hope I’m still able to express my opinions and take a nap anytime I want when I’m 97.


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