Well……..It’s almost time…..15 more days and I’ll officially be a Medicare participant.

I’ve signed up for a supplemental medical plan, a drug plan, watched The Bucket List, checked on SilverSlippers at the local exercise center next door to the clinic I’ll be going to and, yes, they do participate in the SilverSlippers program. So no monthly fees for using the facility.

My supplemental insurance plans ended up costing less than I expected – guess it’s cause I look so young! I’m sure they gave me a special discount ’cause I’m such a special person, aren’t you?

All I have to do now is pray hard that my portion of the cost of my drugs doesn’t add up to the horrendous amount I’ve been paying for COBRA coverage for the past year. At least, the last payment to COBRA was June 30.

Only 15 more days and maybe the tons of junk mail I’ve been getting from insurance companies will slow down. Want to bet on that?.. No?.. Me, neither.


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