While I have no desire to go back to the ways of my “growing up” days, I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained by growing up during that time period.

All of our baking and meals were cooked from “scratch,” laundry was hung out on the only dryer we had (the clothesline), our food was stored in the cellar – fruit, potatoes from the garden, shelves of canned foods that we’d raised and canned (no freezers back then).

My mom even made lye soap which she used in the wringer washer that we finally got (before that she did the laundry using a rub board in a wash tub by hand).

These links are reminders of those times, of how our ancestors lived and of simpler ways of doing everyday things:

Old Time Ways (How Things Used to Be)

Feeding America – The Historic American Cookbook Project

Colonial Soap Making – Its History and Techniques

The Old Timer’s Page – The Way We Used To Do It (Walton Feed)

Rugmaker’s Homestead

GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR Collecting and Drying Medicinal Substances

America’s Quilts: Homespun History Article (Plow & Hearth)

Domestic Medicine – 1785

Patterns From the Past

Recipes of Wartime Europe


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