Do you hate it as much as I do when someone from your past walks up to you and says, “Do you remember me?”

You see, one of my problems is that people still recognize me that I haven’t seen in many, many years. It’s not that I haven’t changed – there’s definitely more of me than in my younger days, my hair is a very different color now, and my face looks a year (or two) older. But my basic features are still recognizable.

Now, the last time this happened to me, I had just worked a 10 hour day, then had to stop at the grocery store and try to remember what I had stopped there for! He popped up next to me suddenly and said, “Do you remember me?” Heck, I was having trouble remembering who I was at that point.

I had not seen the guy in 25 years, he was a young punk then, younger than my baby brother – not the adult standing next to me now. I’m sure my blank stare answered the question well enough.

Tell me – why would anyone not just say “I’m Joe Blow. Do you remember me?”, or even better, “I’m Joe Blow. We went to church together at St. Paul’s.”

For goodness sake, give me a clue – or better yet, get a clue – and some manners.


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