This is my Favorite Daughter – my one and only child. She is the most important person in my life – my friend, my daughter.

She is as beautiful today as she was in this photo 29 years ago. And most importantly, she has a beautiful heart.

She is very passionate about her family, friends and her ideals.

She is very talented and good at so many things. In addition to all the everyday things she does, she is a great writer, photographer, cook.

She and her Dad were best buddies. [See Two of my Favorite People]

When her three elderly grandparents were still living in the next county, she made many trips there taking all of them to buy groceries, for doctor appointments, and to pay bills.

Of course, this also meant dealing with locals who, because she looked a great deal like I did when I lived there, would stop and stare at her or stop her and ask her if she was my daughter.

Now, because my knees don’t permit me to go shopping, she brings my groceries to me each weekend and checks on me. I’m very thankful for her. Love you, Babe.







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