My first year of school was spent in a one-room schoolhouse, which was actually a church building also. Miss Vada was the teacher of all eight grades.

[Both photos on this page were taken a number of years after I attended school there.]

About this time, the school was consolidated into the county’s largest school district, but allowed to continue in the community as a “wing” school of the district.

By my second year, the big new school building up on the hill had been finished. There were two rooms with four grades in each one.

And two outhouses – one for girls, one for boys. After a few years, the modern bathrooms with outside entrances were hooked up. Of course, a lot of time they weren’t working properly, so we still used the outhouses then.

There was also a lunch room so our lunch was provided. Our school lunches were home cooked meals prepared by a local lady (the cook hired by the district) – not much meat, mostly veggies, cornbread, soups, cheese, etc. I remember being one of the few students who liked the lima beans that we had quite often.

Of course, having two classrooms meant there were two teachers. Miss Jerri had the 1st thru 4th grades and Miss Vada had 5th thru 8th grades. Later, a third room was added.

There was a huge schoolyard with the woods behind the building. Eventually a basketball court was built and we had actual games. The only problem was it was built at the edge of the property and sometimes the ball ended up rolling down onto the highway below.

We never had any playground equipment like the schools have today, but we always managed to enjoy recess immensely. We created our own entertainment back in the “olden days.” I was quite good at jumping rope.

After my graduation from the eighth grade, I rode the bus to the “big city” for ninth grade and high school. Our class graduated again from ninth grade – this was the first year the district had a junior high school.

Our country school stayed open for another 12 years or so, then was closed and the kids were bused to the county seat for classes.

Both the church building and school building still exist. The school building is now the Community Building.


  1. It’s amazing how much things have changed isn’t it? Some wonderful, some maybe not so wonderful but there is a lot about education that I think was probably better then than now in some ways. Everything is so “packaged” today, and warmth and gentleness and caring by teachers is not necessarily encouraged.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I’ll certainly continue visiting yours.


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