Why is the volume on commercials twice as loud as the programs? I know – I know – it’s to get our attention.

But does it ever work when commercial time also is:

  • Go to the kitchen and refill your drink [or grab a snack] time.
  • Run to the bathroom and take care of business time.
  • Make that quick phone call time.
  • Actually talk to the other person in the room time.
  • Flip to the onscreen TV Guide to see what’s coming on next time.
  • Put the TV on MUTE so you can read or think your own thoughts for two minutes time.

So, what do you do during commercials? Tell me.

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2 thoughts on “LIFE’S QUESTIONS

  1. Yes, me, too! MUTE MUTE MUTE, I’d rather do anything rather than listen to those dumb ads that wouldn’t convince me to try anything I hadn’t already planned to try. Of course, I’m wearing out my mute button, but it’s better than the alternative!

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