Today’s links are a few of the great online sources for genealogical research in Arkansas:


As I said in yesterday’s post, I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, particularly because my sinus problems make my head hurt very badly, and probably partly because of my beloved cherry Diet Dr Pepper (with caffeine).

Well, I attempted to do absolutely nothing yesterday ’cause I was tired. I parked myself in my recliner about noon and turned on the TV. I did my usual little routine – dose a bit – wake up . Then apparently, I went very soundly to sleep, ’cause I started dreaming – about making out with Larry the Cable Guy!!

He has such a cute wife – I didn’t know he liked 65 year olds, too.

* * *

You’ve heard it said “Stupid is as stupid does?” I stopped at my mailbox on the way back from picking up my wonderfully, nutritious fast food meal. I sat and looked at each envelope and noticed one was addressed to my neighbor. So, I proceeded to back up so I could put it in their mailbox.

While trying to watch the traffic coming down my street and pulling out from the side street I was near, I almost backed into their mailbox.

Well, now you have proof: “Stupid is as stupid does?”


  • I think my beloved cherry Diet Dr Peppers may be causing sleep problems. It’s a sad note!
  • On a happy note, the Blackwood Brothers are singing “Learning to Lean” on my computer. Love that song.
  • I can now play music on my computer and be online at the same time! How great is that!
  • I got “The Jane Austen Book Club” movie in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to a movie night.
  • I wish Sonic had caffeine-free DDP.
  • Another happy note: I didn’t have to take as many Tylenol yesterday to keep the headache away.