– – –
My birthday gift from my daughter was a new hairdo and a chair massage yesterday. Then we went out to eat and visited for a long time. All good.

– – –

Today I had to get up before 8:00 am. That’s a little bit earlier than my normal time of arising. I’m retired, you know.

Anyhow, my brother came and took a truckload of stuff to the Sold Waste Center for me. Now my neighbors won’t think I’m such a Redneck without the old toilet stool setting in my garage. [My brother replaced it a few weeks ago.] And the covered entrance to my house looks much better without the old, worn out wooden furniture.

Brothers are very handy creatures.

– – –

My sister-in-law took me out to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s today for my birthday and gave me a Sonic gift card. Now she’s enabling my addiction.

– – –

It is HOT, HOT, HOT here today. Even at 8:00 am while loading stuff in the truck, the sweat was pouring and breathing was difficult for me.

– – –

My tree limbs are growing like they’re on steroids, hanging down to the ground in places, raking the roof on the garage – guess I’ll call a tree service and see if they want some of my money. Grrrrr.

– – –


One thought on “THE DAY BEFORE MY B-DAY

  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great birthday!

    Brothers are definitely handy, though I don’t have one. I have a boyfriend, who is almost like my sister’s brother-in-law and he’s extremely handy!

    So far this summer has been brutal in Texas. They have the forecast for 107* tomorrow as well as Monday. Time to break out the ice bath!

    Stay cool and Happy birthday!

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