#1- I was born, all 5 pounds of me.

#2 – Isn’t #1 enough? Huh?

Seriously – in searching the internet, I didn’t find a lot of important happenings for this day and my birth year.

On August 3, 1943, U.S. General George Patton slapped a soldier who was hospitalized for psychoneurosis, accusing him of cowardice. The incident nearly ended Patton’s career. LINK

Eleanor Roosevelt’s column on that day is HERE.

From Germany… News of the heavy American bomber losses in the Ploesti oil field raid is made public. LINK

New York Times story of August 3,1943 on Sinatra appearance with the New York Philarmonic for a night of pop singing at Lewisohn Stadium at City College.

Celebrities born on: August 3 (not necessarily same year)
Tom Brady, Jay North, Martin Sheen, Tony Bennett, Anne Klein, Martha Stewart, James Hetfield

Horoscope For those of us born on: August 3
Happy Birthday! The months ahead will start with a unique set of challenges. You will need to be firm with yourself to keep yourself grounded. Romance will take a very positive turn by the late summer, as you will know exactly what you want, although the notion of commitment may not appeal. Work is likely to dominate through the winter months: getting immersed in the Christmas fun is a must, but you might just require a gentle prod from a friend or relative! The post New Year period focuses on self development, with steady improvements showing around May, but by the end of the year you can expect big things in terms of school or work and travel!

From Horoscope.Com


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