If you grew up in the country like I did, you may have heard the term “getting up with the chickens.” That means very early.

At our house, getting up time was around 5:00 am which meant we went to bed pretty early, too. After all, there were cows to milk, chickens to feed, breakfast to cook/eat and other chores to do before going to work and school.

The people who lived closest to us (an elderly couple and their son who was a bachelor) took the “getting up with the chickens” phrase quite literally. In the morning, they got up around 4:00 am, cooked breakfast, ate and then turned their lights off to wait for daylight to arrive.

Of course, if you get up that early, you’re also going to “go to bed with the chickens.” We stopped at their house a few times in the early evening and found that they had already gone to bed – in broad daylight.

They didn’t have animals to care for any more, but kept up their old habits for the remainder of their lives.


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