In an act of bravado earlier, I decided to eat some mixed nuts for a snack. I say bravado (some might say stupidity) because after several weeks of great discomfort, I complained to my doctor last month and he gave me Prevacid which gave me this false idea that I could handle eating a few nuts. Of course, the problem may be that I can’t eat “just a few.”

Anyhow, I was enjoying the almonds (my favorite) and peanuts while reading blogs – then I looked down into the can and saw molded peanuts! Yuk!

I started looking for an expiration date on the can and saw that the Planters Heart Healthy Mix contained peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts & hazelnuts.

Now my country girl mind went to work – could the green, moldy looking ones be pistachios? What are they? I looked on the internet and still wasn’t sure if that’s what they were. They look at lot better in the photo above than they did in the can.

Oh well, at least I know they aren’t responsible for my stomach ache ’cause I didn’t eat them. Yet.

Gotta run!


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