When our parents died, my brother and I had the task of going thru over 50 years of items accumulated in their house. They never had enough money to actually purchase antiques, but my mother was fond of older things and was not fond of getting rid of them.

While most of the items only had sentimental value and we knew the monetary value was not much, we were curious about the value of the older items, such as the depression glass that was on our table every day growing up.

So I searched the internet for information and now have a collection of bookmarks for antiques, some of which I will share today:

Antique Fruit Jars

Antique Furniture Links

Furniture Restoration

This Old Trunk

Identifying Period Hardware

First Class Glass
While this is a store site, it includes history, descriptions and some photos of each type of depression glass.

Agricultural Implements from Conner Prairie’s Collection

Days Gone By (Granny’s Attic Antiques)
This site has a lot of fun stuff (old time recipes) as well as information on an earlier time.

The Early American Pattern Glass Society

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