The question at Weekend Wandering is:

As a child, were you afraid of the dark?

Good question. My answer is Yes. and No.

We lived in the country with no really close neighbors. I was not scared of the dark inside our house or outside in our yard.

I always felt that I was safe as long as my parents were close.

But if my parents sent me to close the door at the chicken house or some other chore after dark, I ran as fast as I could until I got back to my “safe area.”

I cannot tell you what I was afraid of – other than the unknown. Not knowing or being able to see what could be reaching out for me was terrifying.

Having a vivid imagination certainly increased my level of fear.

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One thought on “WEEKEND WANDERING: 08/10/08

  1. A very good answer to the question–I think it is true that the “known” and familiar dark isn’t so scary at all.
    Thanks for visiting my blog–I’ve enjoyed visiting yours. And, by the way, I love the name of your blog and the wonderful story behind it.

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