I can’t decide if the current stiffness and aching I feel is because my cortizone shot has worn off or because of the weather. Either way, I’m not enjoying it.

IP has been driving me crazy. Hopefully good news received today will settle IP down a little.

Daughter bought groceries for me tonight. Love that kid! Can’t help myself.

Weather was kinda gloomy today, but no rain here. Forecast includes more rain toward the end of the week. My joints can’t wait.

I’ve been watching portions of the Olympics. The USA swimmers are doing great. Watched sabre fencing the other morning at 3:30 when IP’s rant had kept me awake. The American women won all three medals. Yay!

My computer is getting slower and slower. Got to get it hooked up to Cox before I start ranting myself. Grrrr.

Gotta do some more interesting blog posts!


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