After rereading yesterday’s post, I realized I sounded a little bit grouchy and complaining. BUT this morning’s email has really cheered me up:

According to my email this morning, Amazon, Google and Craigslist all want to hire me. Each one of them wants to pay me $5,000 per month. Wow, that’s more than I ever made at my old jobs. I’m thinking it will take at least that much to draw me out of retirement. Hmm. Got more thinking to do.

In addition, I am a Red Lobster Giveway Recipient. So the Acai Berries that are going to help me lose 50 pounds overnight will really come in handy after I eat all the biscuits and shrimp that I can hold at Red Lobster.

I can save 60% today at – do you think they’ll take IP off my hands?

It’s going to be a good day!

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