A few weeks ago, I saw a graphic on a blog indicating that the reading level of the blog was “genius” level. So I went to the reading level indicator’s dumb old link and entered my blog URL. The reading level indicator said that my blog was “elementary” level.

Since my feelings were somewhat hurt by this, I went back today for more of the dumb old reading level indicator’s hurtful words.

Guess what? In the past couple of weeks, I have risen from an elementary level writer to a junior high level writer.

blog readability test



….Maybe in the next ten years, I’ll reach the ….high school level as a writer.






  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. You said that you suspected you might have a hearing loss because you have trouble hearing things around you. You very well could. As we get older, I think we all lose some ability to separate conversation from the surrounding noise. Do you find it more difficult to hear in a noisy restaurant or at a party? You’re not alone. Hearing aid vendors say that the new hearing aids help by amplifying speech and minimizing background noise. It also helps, if you’re at a restaurant, to sit next to a wall, if possible. That helps soften some of the background clatter.

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