Today’s theme is COLORFUL. This is a great theme.

* * * * *

The flag flown at the dealership where I used to work and the blue sky – this is one of my favorite colorful scenes.

This colorful potholder was a gift from my daughter.
It was the first one she had crocheted.

What child would not want to play on this colorful playground equipment?

Sponsored by TNchick.


7 thoughts on “PHOTOHUNT: COLORFUL

  1. Lots of colourful choices. I am just learning to crochet. My mother is teaching me. It shows nothing is ever too late, she is 92 and I’m 59. For my contribution, I chose colourful flags flying on a Coastal BC ferry. I invite you to come see. — Margy

  2. Hi Peggy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your encouraging comment. These photo are very nice! So sweet of your daughter to crochet the potholder. Take care and have a blessed week!

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