RANDOM STUFF: 08/24/08

  • I went to sleep thinking the USA men were losing the basketball game. Nice surprise today to see they won gold!
  • The Olympics are over – we need new TV shows RIGHT NOW to fill the evenings.
  • The rain and sun are competing for attention here today. I’m rooting for the sun.
  • It’s really weird to be able to see videos on my computer now. I’m used to just seeing an error message. Yay for high-speed internet (and my daughter who got everything hooked up)!!
  • I’m going to call tomorrow for an appointment to see my doctor at his new “senior” clinic location. With my current headache, I really do feel like a senior today.
  • “The kid” is not feeling well either. Darn constant weather changes and allergies she inherited!
  • I’m really sick of all the political crap. I’ll sure be glad when it is over and done with.
  • I think there should be a short, limited campaign period. I really want to be a good citizen and do my duty…..BUT why can’t we hear “just the facts,” and skip all the innuendos, accusations, rumors and opinions of people we don’t even respect.
  • My cherry Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic sure is good.

2 thoughts on “RANDOM STUFF: 08/24/08

  1. I’m sick of politics, too, and will be so glad to see this election over with and I desperately hope we’re not saddled with John McCain, that thought gives me nightmares!

    I like the cherry Dr. Pepper, too.

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