Thanks to a sinus infection, I made my initial visit to the Senior Clinic today. I wasn’t scheduled to go there until the end of September, but allergies, cleaning out a dusty, dirty garage and hot days had really messed up my head, so off I went today.

I liked the atmosphere there – a nice large sitting, visiting area outside the actual clinic. And a large library (education) area next to it.

There was a lot of paperwork to fill out, as in any new doctor’s office. The pace doesn’t seem as hectic there. The lady who took me to the examining room walked at my pace, didn’t leave me and my bad knees lagging behind.

I didn’t even have to check out ’cause they already had both my insurance cards and my visit should be totally covered. The only bad thing today (not about the clinic) is that my drug card hasn’t arrived yet and the antibiotic was $115.00. Hopefully, I can get some reimbursement from the insurance company on that.

Anyway – back to the clinic – when I go in at the end of next month for my semi-annual checkup, I’m supposed to meet with a social worker before seeing the doctor. Maybe she’ll be able to set me up with that Sugar Daddy I’ve been looking for!

The Center for Exercise joins the clinic – that is on my list to check out next week. They have a Joint Health class I think I want to take part in.

I wonder if you have to actually wear silver sneakers to participate in the SilverSneakers classes – ya reckon?

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