• I think my beloved cherry Diet Dr Peppers may be causing sleep problems. It’s a sad note!
  • On a happy note, the Blackwood Brothers are singing “Learning to Lean” on my computer. Love that song.
  • I can now play music on my computer and be online at the same time! How great is that!
  • I got “The Jane Austen Book Club” movie in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to a movie night.
  • I wish Sonic had caffeine-free DDP.
  • Another happy note: I didn’t have to take as many Tylenol yesterday to keep the headache away.

One thought on “RANDOM THURSDAY

  1. Glad you’re maybe feeling a bit better. The Jane Austen Book Club is awesome! Steph checked it out from the library and we watched it together. Tonight we played Scene It! and Uno to stave off boredom and lack of good TV.

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