THIS AND THAT: 08/31/08


I started this blog partly because I enjoy writing and because I also wanted to record some stories and family stuff for my daughter.

But after the past few days’ posts, I think “The Kid” is about to disown me. I’m just telling it like it is, sweetie. SORRY! Well, a little bit.


I’ve been trying to get interested in the US Open, but can’t seem to stay interested. I miss the days of Conners, McEnroe, then Agassi, Sampras, Courier. I do like James Blake though.


The Jane Austen Book Club was a good movie. I enjoyed it very much.


I guess the antibiotics are starting to work. I can touch my face and my head again without there being pain involved. I’d better be cured ’cause the antibiotics are all gone.


I’m praying for those in the path of Gustav. I was glad to see the evacuations started early which hopefully will save many, many lives.


Another month is gone. Hopefully we’ll have a long, beautiful fall season before winter gets here again.


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