Even though I was far away from the horrible attacks of 9-11-01, I sat and cried as I watched the planes hit the twin towers. That someone would want to deliberately kill people was inconceivable to me. That someone would be able to kill so many here in America was unbelievable.

I was so thankful my daughter had gone to graduate school in the southwest instead of her first choice in NYC. Then my daughter called me and said the campus was in lock-down. I didn’t understand why – it was far from the attacks. Then she told me it was because of the government’s concern that the attackers might go after such places as the nuclear lab located nearby. My connection to the NYC, Pentagon and Flight 93 attacks was made very real then.

The terrible attacks brought people together in a way that only tragedies can, but like siblings, we soon went back to our fussing and fighting.

The headline for an article by Ellen Ratner, says what we all should feel all the time:

Today We Are Americans First

* Other articles on 9-11:

Create Good From Evil


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