– I can’t wait for November 5 to arrive. The campaign period is just too long for me.

– Why do I keep watching all the political stuff on TV? Do I think they’re going to say something new?

– I was driving down the busy street near home at the 30 mph speed limit when a jerk in a big pickup decided to pass me and sped away. Do you think that might be why the city put a horrible speed bump on the street for awhile? Big jerk probably doesn’t even live in the area.

– Our trees are finally starting to turn. My grass is still green and needs mowing. Fall is slowly arriving.

– Can’t seem to get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning in spite of the Roserum. Then end up sleeping half the day away.

– KATV has information on Arkansas Ballot Issues HERE.

– My daughter’s new TV was delivered by UPS to my house yesterday. I hung around the house all day so I wouldn’t miss the delivery man.

..Turns out, it didn’t matter whether I was home or not – the UPS guy just left it on the front porch. Does anyone else think there are people out there who would just grab a new flat-screen TV in a box sitting out in plain sight?

– I was a good citizen and voted today.

– My IP is getting very close to becoming someone else’s IP – It takes awhile for me to cut someone off, but she’s about an inch away from the end of my patience.

– I’ve got to go take an antihistimine. I can’t take my itchy, dry skin any longer. ‘Nite.

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