– My life is so exciting, I thought everyone would want to know about it. Right? Right? Oh, well, I’m going to write about it anyway ’cause I got nothing else today.

– The weekend was good – got to spend most of Sunday with The Kid. She cleaned out drawers in some furniture she’s taking for her apartment. Then I went with her out in the boonies where I grew up for an interview she was doing for a newspaper article. We stopped along the way and she took a lot of photos of trees, barns, etc.

– The only bad thing about the weekend was a plumbing problem. A whole bottle of Drano finally did the trick. I HATE PLUMBING PROBLEMS!!

– I went through some more of my Mom’s saved cards, letters, etc. yesterday. Only 40 more years’ worth to go.

– The electricity went off about 5:30 today. I sat outside and and tried to call the electric coop, kept getting a busy signal. Another squirrel probably tried to make a home in a transformer. It was only off about 45 minutes, not too bad.

– While outside, I swept the leaves off my entrance and shoveled them (plus a bunch on my driveway) into a container for the solid waste people to pick up next week. Now I have another allergy-inspired headache. What fun!

– Now aren’t you glad I went ahead and wrote about my life?


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