I was taking photos of the pond and the geese behind the hospital the other day, and enjoying the beautiful afternoon. A couple of people were throwing out bread for them. As you can see from the water, the wind was pretty strong, but warm.

[At least, I think they’re geese – they look like the photo ON THIS SITE.]

Suddenly, there was a loud sound, wings flapping, water splattering – two of them looked like they’d been tied together at their necks and thrown in the water.

Then the other ones, on the banks and in the water, got upset and started making really loud sounds. It was all very loud and startling.

One of the ladies tried throwing bread at them, but they didn’t even notice.

Eventually, they went underwater – one surfaced in the same place, the other several feet away. I guess the one who moved away lost the battle.

Then, as suddenly as all the noise started, it stopped. They went back to eating, I took more photos of them and the colorful trees and called it a day.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek



  1. Confession: geese scare the crap out of me. The last time we were around a gaggle (heee! I don’t know if I’ve ever used that word actually associated with geese before…) a HUGE one tried to eat my toddler. Okay, maybe he didn’t try to eat her, but he sure came after her. She thought he wanted to be her friend, but I knew the truth! Can you tell they scare me???

    Your pictures are great. What the heck is with those two ornery ones? Think they were fighting over a girl?

  2. jyl_mommygossip: I stood up on the bank near my vehicle and they weren’t too interested in me since I wasn’t throwing out food.

    Cecily R: My Mom told about being attacked by ducks or geese her family was raising in her younger days. There were people down at the edge of the water feeding them – I guess they have gotten used to people being there. A girl sure could have started the fight. LOL

    Lori: It started so suddenly that I was really startled by the noise they made. I wasn’t looking in that direction when it started.

    earthlingorgeous: A bunch of them were stomping around like that, making a lot of noise, but that’s the only photo I took. I was too busy watching them.

    Melanie: Someone’s always fussing and fighting when kids are around. LOL

    Chris: I wasn’t too happy with the way the water looked in the wind, but am glad I took the photos anyway.

    Tiaras and Tantrums: My Mom thought they were pretty mean, too. I kept my distance.

    Carrie: I’m glad I was there at that time. Don’t really want to see/hear it again though.

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