~ I bought gas at Walmart yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see a price of $1.81 per gallon.

~ My yard guy came today, chopped up all my leaves and cleaned out my gutters. My poor neighbor will be glad as he has been fighting a losing battle trying to keep my leaves that were blowing into his yard, as well as his own, chopped up.

~ Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving dinner families are invited to at Granny’s nursing home. Guess my SIL and I will go if my knees are cooperating tomorrow.

~ It’s a little warmer here today. Just went to the mailbox and got my daily ration of bills and junk mail.

~ I stayed at home all afternoon ’cause my yard man said he would be back to pick up some things. I missed my afternoon Sonic “Happy Hour” drink. Boy, is he in trouble now!

~ Don’t you hate it when someone accuses you of being a deadbeat when you didn’t even know you owed a bill? I called my previous clinic to get a copy of my medical records. They sent me a form to complete (which I was surprised did not mention a charge). I received my medical records in the mail (which did not include a bill). Then yesterday I got a 30-day past-due notice today. Grrrrr.

~ Guess that’s all I have to bitch about today. Actually, not a bad day at all if I’m still able to gripe.


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