There is something very beautiful about a tree covered in ice and the icicles hanging from the edge of the roof.

But it has been hard to enjoy the beauty here today. It’s been a noisy day – first you hear a cracking sound, then the sound of a rock solid object hitting the ground or, I think, my roof.  This has gone on all day long and is still happening.

Many more have fallen since I took these photos mid-afternoon.  I took these through the glass doors as my electricity had just gone off and I certainly didn’t want to open the door and let the 15 degree air inside.

As I was thinking what I would do if the electricity remained off a long time [finding a nice, warm motel room would require clearing the limbs off my ice covered driveway first], I thought about growing up in a house where the bedrooms weren’t heated. We just piled on more blankets and quilts, wore socks to bed, covered our heads with the covers and were soon toasty warm.  My current house is much better insulated than the old farm house.

I found myself wondering how many people are out in this weather with no protection from the harshness of the cold and the continuing rain and sleet.

We who are blessed with a roof over our heads and a peanut butter sandwich to eat should give thanks – and do something to help those less fortunate.


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