Isn’t it beautiful! I think there’s nothing prettier than icicles.

But….sometimes you can have too much of a good thing……and that time is definitely now.

I was getting so jumpy last night hearing all the cracking and falling limbs that I just turned my TV up so I couldn’t hear it. There was nothing I could do to fix it or stop it!

This is my driveway. 

My back yard.

I hope my 30 year old maples survive.  There are more limbs on the ground now than there were after my brother finished his massive pruning project a few months ago.  Thank goodness he had pruned them – otherwise there would definitely be a bunch of limbs on my roof.

Looks like my neighbors have a limb on their garage.



  1. Oh, there is a beauty in ice storms…but what a terrible beauty! I do hope that your pretty ice begins to melt soon and that there’s not too much damage to your trees. When we lived in the flatlands of North Carolina, we lost a number of beloved trees to ice storms, so I always dreaded that forecast. Fortunately, ice storms aren’t as common in the North Carolina mountains—-we get more snow.

    Sending postive…and very warm(and ice melting!) thoughts your way.

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts, Beth. We don’t have the ice storms very often – but I think this one is the worst I’ve seen.

    We had 60 degree temp today – can you believe it?

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