Street near my home


I am worn out from my exciting day today.  Remember, this retired lady is not used to much excitement in her life.

The day started off with me trying, as I usually do, to call the electric company and pay my bill  with my check card – two minute deal usually.  But  I haven’t been able to get a real person on the phone all week.  So, I make the drive to the office to deliver my payment, snapping photos all along the way.  No, I didn’t run over anybody while snapping photos, thank you very much.

The road was clear and the sunshine on the ice makes it look so beautiful.  So I’m driving along on a five-lane street, happy as a lark, when a bomb hits my windshield [Hey, it’s my story and that’s what it sounded like to me].  A huge icicle from the power lines overhead had targeted me.  I have to admit it scared the **** out of me [choose your own 4-letter word].

Anyway, I continued on, making the decision to go across one of the steepest streets in town to try to check on my SIL.  That was a REALLY fun outing.

My SIL lives on the side of a big hill in the older part of town, where the streets were built in horse and buggy days and are just wide enough for two horse and buggy travelers to meet. However, with all the icy limbs in the streets, it was a one-lane street, sometimes barely that.  After running over a huge chunk of ice that whomped around underneath my Highlander, I  decided not to go on up the mountain.  I know her electricity is off – probably the phones, too.

The 50 mile round trip yesterday to my daughter’s home was easier than this.

So I go back to the main highway through town, headed home.  Suddenly I see a power line hanging down from the pole and lying in the highway – too late, I just ran over it.

After a stop at Sonic, I returned home.  Uh oh, the garage door isn’t opening.  My electricity is off again.  [This time, just for seven hours.]  So, with ice plopping down from the trees like cannonballs, I leave my beloved Highlander sitting in the driveway, hoping there won’t be many dents before I can go inside and manually lift up the steel garage door my hubby had installed and drive into the garage.

My chest hurts from breathing in the cold air.  Albuterol helped.  I had a lovely nap until the electricity came back on about 9:00 pm.

I took a lot of photos – if you want to see more Northwest Arkansas ice scenes, GO HERE.

Uh oh, forgot to get prescription refilled.  Ah, something to get out for tomorrow.  Yay.


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