I awoke this morning to the cracking sound of ice which then hit the roof and slid off with a loud crash.  It is melting fast.

This morning I have heat, but no phone, internet or cable.  I prefer the heat.

Wednesday, my brother called to check on me.  I told him that I was fine, just had limbs everywhere, including on my driveway. But that I didn’t need to get my vehicle out unless I had a Sonic attack.  So he came and moved the limbs off my driveway. His company had closed – they had no electricity.

While he was here, my daughter called.  She hadn’t been able to remove the ice from her windshields that morning so had gotten a ride to work with someone else, but she didn’t have a ride home.  My baby brother, bless his helpful soul, offered to go pick her up and then try to clean off her car.  Now, The Kid works in a town just north of here and lives in a town further north.  In the end, brother went straight to her place to work on her car, then I picked her up and took her home.  No wonder she couldn’t get the ice off – he lifted four inch thick chunks of ice from that car.  Then, of course, he had to push the car out of the space where it was stuck in all the ice/sleet/snow stuff.

I know I brag on my brother a lot, but he deserves it.  Well…….except for being a smart alec, he does.  He called me yesterday afternoon and very seriously said he needed to ask me a question.  His important question:  “Did you make a Sonic run on your way home last night?”  He knew very well that I had.  Smart alec.

My brother went to the farm yesterday – as expected, the electricity is off there, probably has been since the beginning of the ice storm.  Some tree limbs are on the power lines, pulling them away from the pole.  I will call the electric company as soon as I have a working phone.



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