The Kid is ailing this weekend – apparently they’re passing around germs at her office.  Hopefully she’ll be better by Monday.

Her kitty was not well when she got her, but seems to be on the mend since The Kid has been taking care of her.  Meet my grandkitty, Cassie:



Radio Legend Paul Harvey Dies, Aged 90.



Since I hadn’t checked any weather forecasts lately, I was surprised hearing what sounded like a good rain shower in the early morning hours.  Imagine my even greater surprise when I opened the garage door to make my Sonic run and saw that the ground was white.  This is what my windshield looked like when I arrived back home:


Our city hired a contractor to clean up from our recent ice storm. Last Sunday morning, they started on our street. They certainly had the equipment to get the job done quickly.

First this yellow machine ……I don’t know what it’ called – LOL…… moved the limbs from our yards into the street, then pushed it all down the street to where the red machine sat.
Then the red machine with a crane-like arm picked up the limbs and put them into the giant dump truck.
As soon as one truck was full and leaving, another one would pull in and the loading continued.

I was surprised at how quickly the cleanup was done.

The first time I drove back down our street after the piles were gone, I realized how claustrophobic I had felt with those piles of limbs on both sides of the street and everywhere!

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