My neighbor died yesterday.  I’ve missed seeing him and his dog going for walks since he’s been sick.


Don’t forget to go to The Breast Center site [click on the
button at right].  When you get to the site, all you have to do
is click on a button to help pay for free mammograms for
women who can’t afford them. Doesn’t cost you a penny
and can save someone’s life.


Can you believe this has happened in our lifetime?  I’m so excited!
An Austrian Chemist has Solved the Mystery of Belly Button Lint


Another Goodie in Today’s News:
The New Vi-eggra? Rotten Egg Smell Has Viagra-Like Effect on Men, Study Finds


Oh, and Another Biggie – Whoo-Hoo:
Math Dorks Rejoice! It’s Square Root Day


Forgive my sarcasm about the headlines – I’m having a hard time accepting that these things are important enough to be given such attention in the news.

On second thought, forget it – I’m not at all sorry about the sarcasm.  There are just SO many more important things to take care of.


One thought on “ANOTHER RANDOM DAY

  1. I know I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that the perplexing mystery of belly button lint is solved. I’ve often pondered that very subject. 🙂

    On a more somber note, I’m really sorry about your neighbor.

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