Since her adoption, my grandkitty, Cassandra Jean (Cassie – all five pounds of her), has spent her time in The Kid’s bedroom and visiting the vet (she was not well when The Kid adopted her).

The Kid and her roommate decided Saturday that it was time for Cassie (9 month old female) and Gelly (roommate’s 10 year old male cat and king of the apartment) to meet…… so with great trepidation, the bedroom door was left open.  The two had been “talking” and “pawing” at each other under the door for awhile, but had not seen each other.

I didn’t have my camera out at the beginning of the meeting and missed the bit of posturing and fussing at the beginning.

I finally remembered to get my camera out.

Cassie had so much exploring to do that she forgot about the big cat watching her (checking out the strange thing sitting in the floor with stuff hanging out of it and Gelly’s mouse beside it).

“Got to make sure everything’s all right outside, too.”

Gelly is crouched and ready to protect his couch from this interloper.

“Got to keep an eye on her.”

“I can keep an eye on her and rest at the same time.”

“I’m still the king – see my throne?”

All in all, it went well.

Cassie spent the first nine months of her life at the shelter, so she was used to being around other cats. She really wanted to play (a lot) and explore – and then get her “mommy” to rub her head and back.

Gelly seemed more curious than defensive about this new resident.  I think he might call her a “wild child” though.


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