I went to visit The Kid yesterday and also my new grandkitty (well, new in our family anyway).  She’s been very shy so I’ve just been hanging out in the room, not trying to touch her or do anything that would scare her off.

Yesterday she and Gelly played, fussed and pestered each other for awhile.

The Kid and I were sitting on the couch talking, not paying attention to Cassie at all.  Before too long, Cassie jumped up on the couch between us.  She was climbing all over The Kid.  I didn’t try to pet her.

In a few minutes, she walked over to me and lay down beside me.  I rubbed her back a little and soon it was OK for me to scratch her belly and ears as well.

She enjoyed getting attention from both of us for awhile but then decided it was nap time.

Isn’t this the cutest kitty you’ve ever seen, taking a nap with
her little paw for her pillow?


One thought on “HEY, I’M FINALLY “IN”

  1. Your new grandkitty is indeed a cutie—I love the way she rests her head on her paw! I also thought your spring flowers were quite lovely—one of the most impressive dandelion plants I’ve ever seen. I would say that you’re sure to get that Championship Dandelion Grower’s Award! 🙂

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